Austin-Based Attorneys Serving All Your Business And Commercial Litigation Needs

At O'Toole Atwell, our attorneys serve as counsel in business and commercial litigation matters for companies of all sizes. Our well-honed approach to litigation allows us to resolve even the most contentious of disputes, and to keep costs as contained as possible. We have extensive experience not only in traditional forms of litigation, but also in increasingly popular alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation.

Our goal is to not only resolve your current litigation matter, but also reach an outcome that preserves the long-term well-being of your company.

Our Business And Commercial Law Practice

Below, you will find a representative sample of the types of business and commercial litigation cases that we handle. This list is far from exhaustive, but serves to highlight the capabilities and resources of our firm. We invite you to contact us for an analysis of your particular situation.

Our practice encompasses:

  • Breach of contract: This includes disputes related to service contracts, vendor agreements, licensing agreements and sale/purchase agreements.
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes: Our services in this area extend to matters involving dissolution, wrongful conduct, shareholder oppression and finance-related disputes.
  • Trade secret infringement suits: We handle all types of cases involving breach of confidentiality agreements, breach of non-compete agreements or misappropriation of company-confidential information.
  • Professional negligence: We represent businesses and individuals in a wide range of industries during the course of their professional negligence cases.
  • Real estate litigation: Our real estate litigation representation addresses situations involving failure to disclose material issues, breach of contract and similar issues that affect buyers, sellers, developers, brokers and other real estate professionals.
  • Employment litigation: This includes wrongful discharge claims, harassment and discrimination suits, breach of contract related to employment, compliance-related matters and non-compete agreement disputes.

For more information about our business and commercial litigation practice, contact our lawyers at 512-476-4537 or complete this email form. We service clients in Austin, throughout Texas and in Colorado.