Comprehensive Trade Secret Litigation Services From Lawyers Serving Austin And Beyond

Successful businesses understand that they must maintain control of their proprietary processes, designs and other critical information in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. When litigation arises over the appropriation of trade secrets, the current and future well-being of a company can depend on the outcome of the dispute.

At O'Toole Atwell, our lawyers assist both plaintiffs and defendants in trade secret litigation. We appreciate that actions in these matters must be swift and tactical. We aim for favorable outcomes that protect our clients' interests and keep costs as contained as possible.

Protecting Our Clients' Trade Secrets

On the offensive side, we move quickly to challenge those who have violated clients' valuable data and intellectual property, broken confidentiality and non-compete agreements and abandoned their own duty of loyalty. Whenever possible, we work to resolve trade secret matters before harm can be done or information can be widely disseminated.

Defending Against Accusations Of Misappropriation

We also defend individuals who have allegedly misappropriated another person's or entity's trade secrets. Our experience and knowledge of business processes allow us to assess charges of data intrusion, unfair competition, employee misappropriation of information and the transfer of trade secrets by onetime employees to another employer.

Solutions To Prevent Trade Secret Breaches

Our success in trade secret litigation has made us acutely aware of the various ways in which trade secrets are typically stolen. Our attorneys use this knowledge to consult with clients and help them develop data protection plans to secure critical information and prevent trade secret misappropriation before it occurs.

To discuss your situation, contact the business litigation attorneys at O'Toole Atwell at 512-476-4537 — or use this email form. Our primary office is located in Austin, and we serve the trade secrets litigation needs of clients throughout Texas and Colorado.