Contested Administrative Hearing Lawyers Serving Clients Throughout Texas

O'Toole Atwell is frequently called upon to represent companies and licensees under challenge by Texas state agencies regulating industries and professions. These entities or individuals receive notice that they have been accused of statutory violations or noncompliance with agency regulations, and they will be subject to administrative proceedings. These contested administrative hearings are conducted at the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) in Austin, but they may involve any of the dozens of Texas agencies that regulate various aspects of commerce and professions within the state.

If you are aware that a state agency has made you or your company the target of an investigation, or if an agency has already filed an administrative action against you or your business, consulting with administrative law counsel is a necessity.

At O'Toole Atwell, our attorneys are experienced in handling these high stakes matters. We strive to resolve these matters as efficiently as possible, and to do so in a way that limits the present and future impact on you and your business. If an early, favorable settlement cannot be negotiated, we will draw on our decades of litigation experience and advocate on your behalf at the administrative hearing.

Trusted Representation And Effective Advocacy In Any Type Of Administrative Hearing

Our attorneys have the knowledge and strategic insights necessary to handle hearings before the SOAH as well as agencies such as:

  • Texas Banking Commission
  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • Texas Racing Commission
  • Texas Lottery Commission
  • Texas Department of Banking
  • Texas Public Utility Commission


  • Texas Real Estate Commission
  • Texas Department of Insurance
  • Texas Medical Board
  • Texas Board of Nursing Examiners
  • State Board of Public Accountancy
  • Texas Education Agency

This list is not exhaustive; our understanding of Texas administrative law allows us to protect the interests of individuals and businesses in contested administrative hearings before any administrative body in the state.

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