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5 things to include in a new hire's employment contract

Your small business is expanding, and that means you have to hire a new employee. It's important that this person is honest and reliable, but it's also vital that he or she understands what you expect. As the employer, you are responsible for creating an employment contract.

This contract is legally binding, so it's wise to speak with your attorney about drawing one up with everything that it needs inside. For instance, you'll want to include the employee's classification, a definition of the job and other necessary information. Here are at least five things you should include in your contract.

Creating corporate bylaws for your new business

Part of forming a corporation involves creating corporate bylaws. This document details how your business will operate, what type of procedures it will follow, and provide general guidelines for what it will and will not do during its operational life. In addition, the bylaws will provide descriptions of the duties of the officers and directors as well as how the members will conduct meetings and the procedures for amending the bylaws.

When you form a new business, the bylaws are just one of several documents that you will need to create. Since the process of forming a corporation can seem complicated, it is important to ensure that you are following the legal requirements in Texas. An experienced business law attorney in the Austin area can help you with the various stages of business formation. Read further to find out more about corporate bylaws and why your company needs them.

Understanding breach of contract and your legal options

After years of planning and saving capital, you were finally able to open your own home décor retail shop. Your grand opening is set for the end of the week, but you have a problem. Your supplier did not fill your order correctly. Instead of sending you the décor you ordered, they shipped you a truckload of kitchen appliances. There is no way to get your corrected order to the shop in time for the opening. Now, you have to cancel all the events you had planned and work another day for your opening. You will lose your deposits on the entertainment and caterer you had booked.

In a situation like this, where someone you contracted with failed to deliver on that contract, you might have the option to pursue legal remedies based on breach of contract laws. If someone has violated the terms of a business contract and caused you to suffer a financial loss, speak with an Austin area attorney experienced with business litigation. To understand more about breach of contract laws, read further.

Contractors in construction disputes need proper legal guidance

The process of taking a building project from plan to completion features many interdependent parts, offering numerous opportunities for conflicts to arise. As a contractor, you understand just how frequently these conflicts occur.

Perhaps some subcontractor or another delivered a substandard product or claimed that they delivered work which was not completed.

Facing the Texas Board of Nursing? Proceed with care

In the course of providing medical care in Austin, there are many instances when you may receive complaints serious enough to trigger an administrative hearing from the Texas Board of Nursing. While such a hearing is not as grave as facing criminal charges, it is certainly nothing to take lightly.

No matter what brought about the hearing, it is important that you do everything you can to treat it with a level of importance that demonstrates your respect for the power of the Board.