Helping Resolve Contract Disputes Through Negotiation Or Litigation

Many businesses have more than one person in control. In some situations, these are co-founders or investors, and, in others, they may be key employees brought on to help the company achieve specific goals. In most of these settings, there are contracts between the partners or between the business and key employees, that spell out specific obligations required by the parties.

When one side fails to live up to that agreement, it can have a serious negative effect on the financial health of the company. Litigation may be the only way for you to enforce the terms of the contract.

At the law firm of O'Toole Atwell, based in Austin, our attorneys have handled a number of contract disputes inside and beyond the courtroom. Our extensive trial experience over the past two decades has allowed us to understand what it takes to create an effective trial strategy to help you achieve success with your case.

Committed To Protecting You And Your Business

When reviewing your case, we also want to explore what litigation alternatives may be available to us. If we can keep your matter out of court, it may allow you to have more control over the final outcome. This can help you focus your time and money on other matters and more quickly return to running your business.

Our lawyers have experience with a diverse range of issues connected to contract disputes, including:

  • Reviewing contract language to properly determine the obligations of the parties
  • Negotiating a beneficial resolution that keeps the matter out of court
  • Preparing a comprehensive litigation strategy that helps you protect your business
  • Appearing on your behalf in hearings or trials associated with your case
  • Appealing rulings against your company or business

Contract disputes have the potential to impact your company in many different ways. Determining the right approach is vital to ensuring that you minimize the effect that contractual issues have on the long-term future of your investment in a company or business.

We are especially well-versed in resolving disputes that involve health care professionals and health care entities.

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