Experienced Austin Lawyers For Partnership And Shareholder Litigation

In business, disputes among partners, and between executives and shareholders, are unfortunately commonplace. When addressing these disputes, the legal representation you obtain should put you and your business in the strongest position possible.

O'Toole Atwell is a Texas firm dedicated to helping clients find effective resolutions to partnership and shareholder disputes, and to do so in a manner that protects our clients' interests now and in the future. Our attorneys work to minimize acrimony, to move expeditiously toward the desired outcome and to do so in a way that conserves client capital.

Our professional attorneys work with clients throughout Texas and Colorado. Contact us to discuss your legal issues at 512-476-4740.

Representing A Variety Of Disputes

We have the resources, experience and practical courtroom skills necessary to address all forms of partnership and shareholder litigation, including those that stem from:

  • Conflicts regarding business decisions
  • Alleged wrongful conduct of a partner or shareholder
  • Disputes pertaining to financial contributions
  • Dividend payment issues
  • Alleged minority shareholder oppression
  • Disagreements related to executive compensation
  • Conflict regarding control/management of the business
  • Confidentiality and noncompete issues
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Partnership dissolution

Our lawyers have successfully resolved these and many other different forms of business disputes in both state and federal court. Along the way, we have gained the strategic insights and pragmatic approach necessary to give our clients and their companies the advantage they need.

We are especially well-versed at resolving disputes that involve health care professionals and health care entities.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Dispute

To discuss shareholder and partnership disputes within your business, contact O'Toole Atwell in Austin at 512-476-4740. We represent clients in both Texas and Colorado.