Comprehensive Estate Planning Assistance

If you have significant assets, you want to ensure that your legacy is protected and your family is provided for. It is also important to protect the property from any potential legal threats, including estate taxes or litigation.

At O'Toole Atwell in Austin, our attorneys work with you to discuss what form of estate plan best meets your individual needs in order to efficiently and effectively distribute your property to your heirs. We perform a thorough and detailed review of your assets and business interests to make sure that all matters are accounted for and handled properly, to give you peace of mind that your family will not face legal issues in an already difficult time.

A Thorough Review Of Your Estate Planning Options

The more assets that you have accumulated, the more complex your estate plan can quickly become. Downloading a form from the internet will not provide you with the level of detail you need to ensure your plan is comprehensive enough to carry out your final wishes. Our skilled and experienced attorneys will work closely with you to create a plan that accomplishes all your goals. Our estate planning practice includes:

  • Drafting or revising a will
  • Evaluating the various trust options available to you
  • Helping you select the appropriate beneficiaries for certain property
  • Determining the best options available to transfer that property in a way that allows you and your family to protect the asset
  • Determining the medical care you should receive in the event you cannot make these decisions due to incapacity

If there have been any changes to your family situation, such as a divorce or remarriage, you will need to make sure your estate plan is up-to-date. Our lawyers will analyze your plan to determine if it meets your current and future objectives.

Estate planning can be difficult to discuss, but it is a necessary conversation, and one that will assure you that your loved ones are cared for.

Create A Plan That Is Right For You

To meet with our team to discuss your estate planning needs, please call our office at 512-476-4740 or send us an email using our contact form. We assist clients throughout Colorado and Texas with estate planning matters.