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Kesha, Dr. Luke locked in continuing contract dispute

For businesses and artists in Texas, contract disputes can cause significant disruption to work and plans for the future. Even major celebrities may find their albums, movies or other projects delayed for years due to contract problems about production, distribution or payment. One singer, Kesha, has been involved in a legal battle since 2014 with her producer, Dr. Luke, seeking the right to independently distribute her music. However, she has run into a number of problems pursuing an end to her contractual obligations to release music with Dr. Luke. Her latest countersuit against Dr. Luke was dismissed on Sept. 26 after a judge ruled that it was insufficient.

Walgreens files lawsuit against video game company

Retailers in Texas and around the country often order products on what is known as a guaranteed sale basis. This type of agreement allows stores to return unsold goods and obtain a refund. The pharmacy chain Walgreens has filed a lawsuit that accuses a video game company of reneging on a guaranteed sale agreement. The Illinois-based retailer is seeking about $1.62 billion for 66,500 unsold video games and microconsoles.

The different ways to resolve a contract dispute

There is a chance that a party won't be able or willing to live up to the terms of a contract it agreed to. If an entity fails to live up to its end of an agreement, it is said to have breached the contract. After a breach of a contract that is governed by Texas law, the breached party may demand that the other side abide by its obligations.

Breach of contract lawsuit over "Titansgrave" series

Contract issues can be central to entertainment media beloved by many Texas fans. For example, a contract dispute has broken out over well-known actor Wil Wheaton's work on "Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana," a series produced by the company Geek & Sundry. Wheaton is perhaps best-known for his role in "Star Trek: The Next Generation." However, Wheaton is now alleging that he did not receive all of his required payments for his work on the "Titansgrave" series and has filed a lawsuit against the producers of the series, now owned by Legendary.

Fox scores points in contract dispute with Netflix

High-ranking executives in Texas often commit to employment contracts when taking a new position. While state laws permit noncompete agreements, there are limitations on what types of agreements are acceptable. However, even when an employee has the right to break an employment contract, other companies may be restricted from trying to induce such a breach. This issue has come to the forefront in a major dispute in the entertainment industry as major studio 20th Century Fox Film is clashing with Netflix in court over what Fox claims was an orchestrated effort to poach its executives.

Franchisees file lawsuit against parent company

Those who choose to buy franchises in Texas and other states generally do so to take advantage of the brand exposure it provides. However, a lawsuit against Jack in the Box filed in Los Angeles claims that the company's CEO lacks a vision for the brand. The suit was filed by the National Jack in the Box Franchisee Association, and it claims that this lack of vision is causing the company to lose market share.

Contract dispute between HBO and Dish escalates

Dish Network subscribers in Texas hoping for a quick restoration of HBO channels may have to keep waiting. Subscribers first experienced a blackout of service at the beginning of November when signals were dropped for HBO and its related channels. Since then, the negotiations have become increasingly tense and unproductive. Dish claims the telecommunications company that now owns HBO is using the popular cable channel as a "weapon" because they also own a competing satellite TV service.

Supplier sues Dick's Sporting Goods for breach of contract

Dick's Sporting Goods, a national retail chain with outlets in Texas, is the target of a new federal lawsuit filed by Battle Born Munitions Inc. The munitions company claims in court filings that Dick's failed to accept orders of custom branded goods and meet payment deadlines. The delays allegedly violated the supply contract and cost Battle Born Munitions millions of dollars.

Netflix sues Relativity Media over contract breach

Netflix subscribers in Texas may be interested to learn that the streaming giant has filed a lawsuit against Relativity Media, alleging that the studio breached an exclusivity contract when some of its content landed on competing streaming services. Relativity is currently going through bankruptcy proceedings in New York.

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