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Estate Of Carrie Fisher Worth $6.8 Million

  • On Behalf Of: Brian O'Toole
  • Published: June 12, 2019

Star Wars fans in Texas might be interested in learning about the estate of Carrie Fisher, the late actress who played Princess Leia in the series. Fisher, who died at age 60 in December 2016, left some relatively specific estate planning instructions. According to news reports, she asked in her will that her estate should be placed in the Carrie Fisher Living Trust, which has her 26-year-old daughter named as its beneficiary.

On May 13, the executor of the estate filed a document in court asking that the court order a final distribution to the trust. He stated that all of the administrative costs had been paid and that he had completed all of his duties. The document also indicates that Fisher’s estate had assets that are worth an estimated $6.8 million.

The executor also serves as the trustee of the Carrie Fisher Living Trust. Fisher reportedly created her will just 11 months prior to her death. The trustee was given discretion in the will for how to distribute the assets. The court has scheduled a hearing on his petition for July 29.

Estate administration and probate can take a lengthy period of time. Since executors have numerous duties that they have to complete, the probate process can move slowly. Executors are responsible for filing a will with the probate court to have it validated. This includes notifying all of the parties that may have an interest in the estate as well as the creditors. Executors must pay all of the debts and taxes that are owed before they can distribute the property. Someone who needs help understanding estate administration and the probate process might want to talk to an estate and probate lawyer.

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