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Stages of Mergers and Acquisitions

  • On Behalf Of: Brian O'Toole
  • Published: October 24, 2018

Companies in Texas can use mergers and acquisitions to improve their shareholder value and generate long-term profits. However, executing mergers and acquisitions entail navigating complex agreements and deals that that can cause organizational difficulties. In order to overcome these challenges and generate value, it will be necessary for the integration of the two companies to be executed in a manner that generates organizational efficiencies and eases the way for business to be conducted with trading partners. In order to ensure success, companies that are taking part in mergers and acquisitions often consult with merger and acquisition professionals or with technology partners who have specific experience with these types of business transactions.

There are four stages in the merger and acquisition process, including due diligence, agreement, integration and the attainment of value. Even though the process can be broken down into these four stages, it is very important for companies to realize that each phase has its own opportunities and difficulties, even as all four stages are interconnected.

Due diligence requires an extensive evaluation of the target company to determine if it will be a wise and profitable investment. If it is deemed to be good target, it will also be necessary to determine how the transaction is to be structured and how much it will cost. During the due diligence stage, all aspects of the business should be thoroughly assessed; this means conducting intense analyses of its technology, finances, intellectual property, human resources and more.

An attorney who offers business and commercial law services may assist businesses with various types of transactions and restructurings, including mergers, acquisitions, sale of a business and business dissolutions. The attorney may advocate on behalf of clients during negotiations for terms for the business transactions, ensuring that the interests and rights of clients are protected.

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