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What client says:

“Passionate, professional, and caring! Brian did a great job representing me!”Jana O.

“I’m from Boulder, Colorado, and became recently widowed and my spouse and I hadn’t previously arranged a will. Of course, issues arose on the legal ownership of two properties that we purchased together in Texas (and paid off) because 1) a warranty dead in Colorado is as effective as a will, but, 2) that wasn’t the case in Texas because we were not residents of the state nor had ever been. I was at a loss as to what to do. But through pure coincidence, the Title Company that I’ve used multiple times in Colorado was aware of Chris and directed me his way, which was a blessing that fell from heaven for me. He was the ideal man to have. His specialty was Property and Real Estate issues and his knowledge of the laws, courts, and the hurdles that we may face was more than impressive. He was straight forward as to what might be involved and what we could expect and not expect.

Nothing was hidden and very professional. He worked on my side, only, and did so politely with the courts and all whom we requested to serve as witnesses to verify my past relationship with my wife and that no other parties had an interest. He was in constant contact and always available to answer any questions I may have, and if I had difficulty completely understanding the legal terminology or process, he would patiently put it into words that I could understand. He did a tremendous job and had my issues resolved within 6 months, which took a huge weight off my shoulders. (Note: With all the Real Estate I’ve owned and other contractual situations that I’ve been in, I’m a man who has dealt with attorneys on multiple occasions and have come to surmise that only 1 out of 10 are truly worth a damn.) No doubt about it, Chris is one of the all-time best that I’ve ever had represent me.”A Satisfied Client

What Attorneys say:

“She is a great mentor and I owe my confidence to her. She helped me through a complex first year and showed me how to be successful.”Matthew L.

“Bridget has been an incredible law school mentor. Her confidence and drive keeps her busy, but somehow she still finds the time to help out myself and others. It is no surprise that her hard work has resulted in her winning a National Moot Court Championship.”Jarrett S.